Winter-suitable cars. | Big Cars | Chelmsford, Witham & Suffolk

Nissan Juke Nismo RS


The 220BHP Nissan Juke Nismo RS is a fantastic SUV that's eager to be driven. It's got tonnes of kit, and that one's a particularly good spec with full Recaro interior. If you're looking for something that's good fun to drive, practical, and will keep you safe this Winter, click the link below.

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Audi A5 S Line

Now £16,950

During weather conditions like this, you may wonder why we would recommend a sporty coupe. But thanks to Audi's award-winning Quattro system, this A5 will grip the road in almost any condition.

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BMW 335d M Sport

Now £22,950

As well as it's top-notch safety features, this BMW 3 Series has an amazing four wheel drive system, meaning it grips in the worst of snow and ice, exactly what you need this year.

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Range Rover Evoque Pure


This Winter's already proven to be a cold one, so keep yourself safe with some of the most sophisticated off-road features on the market. Land Rover have never failed, so this Evoque is perfect for this time of year.

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Mini Countryman SD All4


This Mini Countryman is the more alternative option when it comes to a 4x4. With the sporty Cooper SD looks, it really stands out from other competitors such as BMW and Audi.

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