The 7 ultimate, most useful, must haves for University

Whether you are the student that is now fast approaching the next step in life or the parent of a student, being well prepared and informed about the absolute essentials needed at University, makes life so much easier.

As this is a completely new phase in their lives for most new students and independence comes with its own challenges, what may have appeared simple and uncomplicated whilst still living at home, now takes on a completely new meaning. Being prepared is the most logical thing to do, to ease into the new paradigm.

Must Have # 7 - First Aid supplies:

Coming into such a new environment with so many people, many new students succumb to flu-like symptoms in the first few days due to exposure to new germs. Student high jinks can sometimes lead to injury and scrapes, so having a well-stocked medicine cabinet or first aid kit fills that gap.

Must Have # 6 - Bed sheets and towels:

At most university dorms you need your own sheets and towels. Always bring some spares as the laundry may not be easy to get to. Student digs are a hotspot for germs, infections and parasites unfortunately. Beds are normally the only place to sit, so you want to keep it as clean as possible.

Must Have # 5 - Files & a calendar:

With age comes responsibility and all things adult. This translates into things like filing and keeping track of your time. If you are already set up with files and plastic pockets as well as a diary for the year, then you are way ahead of the pack. It's merely a matter of getting into the habit of using them.

Must Have # 4 - Laptop or tablet:

These items will become your portable study and entertainment centres. Many university halls do not have sitting rooms and even the most conscientious student needs some downtime and this can be the solution.

Must Have # 3 - Extension leads and power adapters:

Just like in hotel rooms around the world, the plug points always seem to sit in exactly the wrong spot. Enter your trusty extension lead and plug board. But be careful not to overload sockets and invest in a circuit breaker for added protection.

Must Have # 2 - A brain:

Contrary to popular belief and rumours; University is actually a place of learning, not just parties and sitting around playing X-Box all day. Here you get the opportunity to learn from experts in their field, everything that could set you up to follow in their footsteps in a few years. This experience no matter where in the world you are is a privilege and should be savoured.

Must Have # 1 - Your dignity and pride:

Most new students are coming out of school and moving up into the adult world. Trying to fit in and make friends sometimes results in students losing themselves and doing things that they would not normally do. Don't change who you are just for the sake of fitting in - take your time and find people you can make a connection with - you owe it to yourself.