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The 3 best things we learnt this week

The new Jaguar XE SVR is challenging the BMW M3 

This somewhat beastly Jaguar saloon packs a whopping 567 bhp, powered by its already popular 5L supercharged V8. With this amount of power, it exceeds the performance of the M3, and could possibly even give the Mercedes-Benz C63 a run for its money.

Even looking at the Jaguar, its filled arches and aggressive stance just shout out power, speed and a hell of a lot of noise. With the likes of Alfa Romeo and possibly Jaguar taking over the BMW reputation on the track, could they need to up their game? Some say this is why they released the M4 GTS, yet it didn’t quite grab the title it was meant to. 

McLaren have developed a new 4L Bi-Turbo V8 to slot in to their new Super Series cars. 

The new carbon shelled McLaren Super Series will host a brand new ‘P14’ engine, achieving an outrageous mark of 0-124mph in a hell-raising 7.8 seconds. After blabbering on about the statistics of this car, it’s said that it’s going to be quite a shower too. Not just performance has been 

Porsche have released a 196mph hybrid monster!

A lot of the top car manufacturers are showing off what they can release from a hybrid engine, but for us this is by far one of the most exciting!

First of all we’re stunned by the looks of this Panamera. From the bright green calipers to the luxury interior, this is a car that can be used day-to-day and still manage to turn heads. And it’s not slow either! With 670bhp if can swallow up 0-62mph in just 3.4 seconds, and obliterate a top speed of 196mph!