Spotlight on the innovative Ford Focus RS range

I think that we can all agree that this range has shaped automotive history. Over the last five decades, everybody from petrol heads to stressed soccer mums have enjoyed the performance and style that this vehicle has delivered in spades.

Shown below is the history of this powerhouse from the very beginning. I am sure no matter your age, you can recognise or identify with some of the models listed here and they bring back very fond memories.

Let's delve a little deeper into the history and relive those memories.

It all started way back in 1968 with the Ford Escort RS (Rallye Sport) 1600 model that many will recognise. In many ways, this model changed performance cars and set the standard for those that followed. One of the key features at the time was an affordable price tag that came with a practical balance between performance and use. This has not really changed over the years when compared price-wise with other performance labelled cars - you still get a great deal for an affordable price.​

From there the legend grew with each new model that was launched and the improvements and new features only added to the lure of owning one of these cars. There have been no fewer than 30 cars that have sported the RS badge and this has become synonymous with power, style and good looks in an everyday performance car. It has led from the front and many other manufacturers have tried to emulate its achievements but have fallen short in most cases.

The Focus RS may only have been around for the last 13 years, but the RS legacy was built on the Ford RS performance cars that have dominated World Rally Championship Racing since the 1970's.

Where it all Started

The first use of the Ford Escort name was for a reduced specification version of the Ford Squire, a 1950s estate car version of the British Ford Anglia 100E, pictured below.

From hereon in going forward, the range just grew from strength to strength, breaking some major production records and performance records along the way. This range comes with a rich history that most people can identify with and brings many memories to the fore when you see one, old or brand new.