2018 Performance Cars

Lets have a look at what fast cars are hot in 2018!

Alpine, a company that haven't made the headlines recently, have this party piece!

It's been two-decades since Alpine have released an all new car, and they haven't held back with the fiesty A110. In comparison to the likes of the Porsche Cayman, it's lighter, faster and some say a more engaging drive. But is it enough to move people over to what could be to most, an unknown brand?

At a little under £50,000, you'll be enjoying a 1.8L turbocharged petrol unit with up to 249BHP, similar to the 1750CC engine in the Alfa Romeo 4C (that could be an interesting rival). So at just 229BHP per tonne, we expect to be able to have some real fun with this little beauty.

The 3rd-gen Renault Megane RS

A lot of people tend to refuse the idea that the French make an exciting hot-hatch, but under the lairy body of this upcoming Megane, you're in for a treat as it shares the same 4-cylinder unit as the Alpine A110 (above). 

The hot-hatch market is more competitive now than ever, with almost all main manufacturers getting involved. Power-wise, the Megane RS sits in between the Golf GTI and the Golf R, meaning it's got the punch to do well against rivals. It doesn't fail to impress in terms of tech either, but with all-new 4 wheel steering and an impressive dual-clutch gearbox there's some real fun to be had. 

TVR returns!

Any car enthusiast will remember the brute force and shocking reliability of the TVR, so lets see what they're coming back with after all these years! 

Its heart is a strong 5 Litre Cosworth V8, which sits under a well designed carbon composite bonnet. Paired with that is a design that will make you stand out, interior that will make you savoir the moment and we're hoping for a sound that will be deafening! 

Audi RS4 fans wave bye to the V8, and will have to embrace the Bi-Turbo V6. 

If you've been interested in an Audi RS4 previously, a main attraction was probably the V8 lump it so notoriously boasts. However, this year brings a 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged V6​ in to production. With 444 BHP it has the same power as the previously naturally aspirated V8, but how will everyone feel about the addition of two turbos? 

On the outside, Audi have done it again. The sharp edges, filled arches and dramatic presence show you where every bit of money and attention goes. There's no doubt it will be a spectacular car to drive, we just can't wait to see how the new engine feels in such a legendary car.


The Bentley Continental GT has been re-worked.

The Bentley Continental GT is a car of pure class, its simplicity and sophistication make you want to show this car as well as drive it. But as a new model, how does this sit against the reputation?

It has a 6 Litre W12 which is insane, a car essentially having two V6s strapped together is enough to get excited about alone. But when you give it 626BHP and a top speed of 207 MPH, suddenly other aspects become somewhat irrelevant. As shown in the Bentayga, Bentley really know how to work the interior of a car, and they haven't held back with the new Continental GT, long sweeping dashboards and fine stitching you'll want to dust every day makes it a real work of art.