Convertibles For The Summer

​Our favourite convertibles now the sun’s poking through

Here at Big Cars, we’re looking forward to driving in the Summer as much as a lot of our customers are! Here’s a few picks for what we think are some of the top cars for when the sun comes out this year. 

The BMW M6

This monster is built around a Bi-Turbo V8, producing 552bhp, making it undoubtedly the most powerful out of the bunch. However, all this power, a seven-speed dual-clutch gear box and a 0-62 of 4.3 seconds comes with a hefty price tag of over £97,000!

Other than the mechanical features of this BMW, there’s a lot to shout about with its styling too. Its broad stance and twin tailpipes team together perfectly, giving it a sort of muscular twist to the usual BMW styling that’s quite obviously carried on from its predecessors.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spyder

For a lot of people, an Alfa Romeo isn’t just a petrol head must-have, but it’s also something worth taking a step back from and just looking at every now and then. This is certainly the case with the 4C Spyder, its classic looks crossed with a race-ready stance makes it something of a work of art.

It's not just the outside either that’s a work of art, the car’s heart is a turbocharged 1.75 Litre 4-cylinder lump, putting out 240bhp. Paired with a carbon-fibre tub, this little Alfa shift pretty quick, whilst achieving up to 56.5 MPG, that’s not to be sniffed at!

Audi TT RS Roadster

Just look at it! For such a small car, this Audi not only looks evil, but sounds it too!

Using Audi’s famous 2.5L 5-cylinder engine, a soft top TT with 395 BHP is something of a tool for fun. There’s a lot of technology in this car too, from adjustable engine noise to magnetic ride adaptive dampers, it does come with a £55,000 price tag. But for some people, this thing would take their Summer to a whole new level! 

Audi A3 S Line

So here’s something a little more affordable, yours for just £21,950 in fact. This A3 S Line is stunning with leather interior, paddle shifters and a nifty 1.8L turbocharged engine. Still with 180 BHP, it doesn’t hang around, yet it can achieve up to 48.7 MPG, what’s not to love?

Further details on this car can be found here.