40 Years of the Ford Fiesta

40 years of the Ford Fiesta​

Images of the brand new Ford Fiesta were released last week, and this gave us the idea to just write a little something about one of the most widely used cars on the planet. After all, it’s been around since 1976! 

The Fiesta was Ford’s first ever front wheel drive car that Ford put into mass production, it was instantly a huge success and showed just how popular it was to be, selling over 1.75 million units throughout the time the MK1 was on sale.

Fiesta’s have always been a great all round car, offering durability, practicality and economy with a healthy price tag too! 

Here at Big Cars, we have arrange of Fiesta’s at our showrooms in Witham, Chelmsford, Surrey and soon to be Sudbury! On top of that, we’re offering free insurance on Fiesta’s until the end of 2016.

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