3 things we learnt this week | Big Cars | Chelmsford, Witham & Suffolk

Top 3 things we learnt this week.

We’re constantly learning and researching about new and upcoming cars, so lets go over the top 3 things we learnt this week.

Jaguar has released their latest animal, otherwise known as ‘Project 8’. As well as getting us dreaming, it’s also shocked us with some of its stats…

  • You can choose from 10,000 bespoke colours
  • At 186mph, it produces a whopping 122kg of downforce
  • It has 600BHP, making it Jaguar’s most powerful road car
  • It takes just 200 milliseconds to change gear

Whether you’re in to Jaguar or not (you’d be crazy not to be), this masterpiece is a true example of great engineering, styling and offers the wow factor petrol heads love. 

The classic Mini has always been a favourite, not just among us, but a lot of the country too. And now, you can own a remastered one (for £100,000)

Not only is the Mini one of the greatest British motoring icons, but it’s also a car that shaped later development for a lot of major car manufacturers. Its short wheel chassis, body style and go-kart-like drive made for one of the most fun cars ever made.

David Brown Automotive, a Silverstone-based coachbuilding company have rebuilt it from the wheels up. They’ve reworked the original 1.3 4 speed engine for better reliability and power, updated the interior and given it all the modern tech you need. All of this comes at a cost though, quite a large one too at £75,000 for the basic model. 

Natisha, our Social Media Assistant can’t say ‘Nürburgring’ and it’s made our week.