Our Top 5 Convertibles for the Summer

Our Top 5 Convertibles for the Summer​

Big Cars hope you all have enjoyed the sunny weekend doing whatever makes you happy whether it was gardening, sunbathing, playing sports or just simply cruising in your convertible and enjoying the weather!

Having good weather is always nice, so is driving your convertible. When the sun is shining on the first warm day, it's easy to see yourself cruising down an open road in a new convertible with the wind in your hair.

Because of that we have decided to come up with our TOP 5 convertible car list and provide you with a little bit more information about each car.

In first place there is the BMW M4. It's a dream car for many because the car is just simply excellent. This is truly a car for a person who has that racer spirit and wants to push the pedal to the metal from time to time. Having a 6-cylinder, turbo charged engine there is more power than you need to get the blood running through your veins fast! 

In second there is the Audi A5 which is just as good as the BMW, but is less of a racer car, having lower engine power than the BMW. With LED front lights, leather seats and white 19' alloy wheels, you will be noticeable wherever you are. Having a 4-cylinder turbo charged engine, you can do 49.6 mpg which means you won't have to stop at every petrol station! 

In third there is the Mecedes-Benz E220 which is a solid car. Mercedes are seen as business related cars, therefore there is such a phenomenon that people associate Mercedes with successful people. The Aluminium interior makes it feel like the car is weightless and easy to jump off when the green light shows at the traffic lights! 

The MINI Roadster Cooper is at fourth position. It is quite a small car compared to the other three mentioned above, but certainly not the smallest or cheapest. Even though it is not as big as the other three convertibles it is pretty comfortable to sit in and drive. It is nifty around corners and has the power under the bonnet to surprise you all. The 6-speed manual gearbox lets you drive economically in cities and fast on motorways. 

Last but certainly not the least is the Fiat 500 Lounge. Having quite little power compared to the other four convertibles in this article, the Fiat 500 lets you do 55.4 mpg which is a great feature many are looking for in cars. 

Check out Big Cars range of convertibles before you miss any more of the sunny weather.

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