Big Cars - Car Servicing Facts

8 facts that you need to know when your car needs a service

A car is a big expense in most homes. As such you need to make sure that you look after your investment. This is why having your car serviced regularly makes great sense. But where is the best place to find out where and what's actually needed? You guessed it - your car service manual!

It was written by the builders and designers of your car and they should know best what will ensure the smooth running of your car. You should never just listen to the recommendations of the service advisor; this could be a costly mistake.

Fact 1 - Warranties & service intervals have been designed by the designers and manufacturers of the car. Make it your priority to find out all the important information about the warranty on your car if it is new and thereafter the recommended service intervals. This information will become crucial when your car needs to go in for a service. In terms of a pre-owned vehicle, many of them have existing warranty extensions or motor plans that cover most eventualities - make sure that you know what is covered on this plan.

Fact 2 - Your car's service manual is the key to making sure your car is well maintained and in good repair It will show how often the car needs a service, when and what is needed for regular maintenance and indicate when some of the replaceable parts might need to be changed. When purchasing a pre-owned vehicle the service manual should be provided for your reference.

Fact 3 – Details of necessary Routine maintenance will be in the car manual. For pre-owned vehicles, routine maintenance is even more important as the car has already aged and with time items in the car will wear and need replacing. You need to familiarise yourself with what is needed so as to protect your investment.

Fact 4 - It remains your responsibility to ensure that you take the car in for service at the correct time - some cars have a maintenance minder built in, but for those that don't - keep track of your mileage and make a note of when the next service is due. If needed, place a reminder on your phone so that you do not go over the indicated mileage or this could impact your warranty cover.

Fact 5 - Technical Service Bulletins & recalls are issued by vehicle manufacturers. Make sure that you are up to date with the latest information so that you can take this with when you schedule a service. A good service advisor should already have done this for you - but go prepared.

Fact 6 - Go prepared to the appointment with the service advisor. Know what is required and don't let the service advisor persuade you to have unnecessary work.

Fact 7 - Don't skip services - when money is short it's something that many people tend to do. This will just cause headaches and huge bills down the line. Get that service done.

Fact 8 - Shop around before taking your car in for service. Get comparative quotes, especially if there is expensive work to be done.